How to find a home

All properties listed on our website are kindly offered by property managers and owners for NHS workers to use with no rental fee.

This is to show appreciation and support of the dedicated NHS workers who are fighting against COVID-19.

There may be a small charge in some instances to cover fixed costs such as electricity and gas. You should agree this upfront with the property manager. 



Search for a property, browse the results and find a suitable property.

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Contact the Property Manager to discuss your length of stay and their requirements.



Provide NHS employment evidence - either your NHS ID Card or last Payslip.



Confirm your stay with the Property Manager.


What can I do to check the property offer is genuine?

Before making any arrangements, we recommend you review this Property Check Guide, filled with essential advice on what to check when choosing a rental property. It is produced by our partner I-PRAC, who are dedicated to reducing rental fraud.

Where do I report abuse of the NHS accommodation site?

If you suspect anyone is advertising or seeking accommodation under false pretences, please contact us directly.

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