NHS worker accommodation is a free service provided by Bookster Property Management System.

We are a Scottish company, providing holiday rental management services for over ten years. We're a passionate bunch, and enjoy getting involved in community projects - and this is more important than ever.

Guidance from the Government

The Government recently announced that Self-Catering Accommodation "should provide accommodation for your staff and make yourselves available to help essential workers and support essential services". We can help.

Our NHS workers

COVID-19 affects us all, and we would be in a much graver situation without the dedicated services of National Health Service employees.

NHS workers are risking their own health whilst they fight to save our lives. We are truly grateful.

Our service supports NHS workers who can no longer live at home now as they need to protect the health of their families. 

Our Property Managers

NHS worker accommodation could not be offered without the amazing support of Property Managers and Owners, who have offered their properties for NHS employees during the crisis. Thank you to all those who have got involved.

Image of Bookster team thanking the NHS workers

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